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Wings of Rescue is an organization run by volunteers and volunteer pilots who donate their time and planes to flying dogs and cats to safety to humane societies that are not overpopulated and have a demand for animals to be adopted. n southern California, there is a serious overpopulation problem in our shelters. Dogs are sometimes only held in shelters for five days before being put to sleep. With Wings of Rescue, dogs are sometimes hours away from euthanasia and these wonderful volunteers take them from their cages and fly them to forever homes. They do not discriminate against breeds and go above and beyond to load as many animals onto these flights as possible. Flights usually take about 3-4 hours and the dogs are being unloaded and taken to humane societies without the fear of ever having to be put down again. Sometimes people are even waiting as the plane lands to adopt these pets. Wings of Rescue literally flies our furry friends to freedom. Click the project for the story


Story which appeared on the Local Love 805 Blog on October 25, 2014