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December 30, 2014

Wanted everyone to know we are working hard on many site improvements for 2015. Also apologize for lack of updates the past couple weeks. As the holidays, family and work have taking over this time of year, rest assured that our commitment to bringing you all the latest news on Jonna's career is still a very passionate goal of ours. So everyone have a great New Year and check back in January as we resume our weekly updates on all things Jonna. Best wishes everyone.

A Note from Jonna

December 09, 2014 Danny Liao has posted some of the photos from his latest collaboration with Jonna from the Angeles National Park shoot to his blog. The photos as well as others both he and Jonna have posted are available HERE or linked from the modeling page.
December 09, 2014 Another new picture from the Fall Southward Apparel campaign was posted to their Instagram page. This picture can be accessed from the link on the modeling page.
December 02, 2014 Southward Apparel used one of Jonna's photos to advertise their Black Friday campaign. The photo as well as their Instagram post can be accessed from the link on the modeling page.
November 23, 2014 Jonna booked a huge guest starring role on CBS' latest CSI spinoff series CSI: Cyber. The shows is described as "Inspired by the advanced technological work of real-life Cyber Psychologist Mary Aiken. Special Agent Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) is in charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in Quantico, VA. She is tasked with solving major crimes that start in the human mind, live online, and play out into the real world." The series is slated to air in 2015 on CBS. You can view the IMDB page for details or visit the MEDIA page. As more information becomes available, it will be updated here.
November 23, 2014 A new Instagram widget has been added to the bottom of the homepage. This will scroll Jonna's Instagram account replacing the picture thumbnails from various projects
November 19, 2014 Jonna's recent photo shoot for the LZZR Jewelry / Tie The Knot crossover campaign is now making its way around social media. You can now view screen captures from various sources on the LZZR page. It can also be accessed from the link on the modeling page.
November 15, 2014 Jonna did another photo shoot with Danny Liao at the Angeles National Park. Both Danny and Jonna have posted a few pictures from the shoot. You can view them on them HERE Check back often as more will be posted as they become available.
November 12, 2014 A new picture of Jonna was featured on Verizon Wireless Facebook page back on October 16. It was from the Summer of More campaign. A page for some of Jonna's most recent headshots photographed by Theo and Juliet has been added. An older Danny Liao photoshoot, 1970s theme has also been added. All of the above is linked from the modeling page.
November 12, 2014 Jonna shot for a friends jewelry company LZZR. One picture has been released and it is linked from the modeling page. To learn more about LZZR, visit their site. A portion of all LZZR's proceeds go to the LA Regional Food Bank.
November 05, 2014

Some new promotions from older campaigns:
Pantene: This campaign has been all over the web and news since its launch. There is currently 52 captures from various sources avialble to view on the Pantene page.

Southward Apparel: The realeased a couple new photos on their Instagram page which can now be seen on the Southward Apparel Fall page. The campain is now featured on Cowgirl Magazine's site. Another Southward Apparel pic was found on the FashionXAustin site. This pic can be seen on the Southward Apparel Retailers page.

New images from Trueheart Events for the iiJin Fashion show as well as a review from the Hollywood Today web site was added to the iiJin Fashion Show page.

10 new picstures added to the Happiness is a Ten Dollar Tee Campaing from 2011

November 05, 2014 Updated the picture archive with October pics
October 28, 2014 Jonna is in Utah this week filming a new shoe campaign for TOMS. As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the modeling page. Check back often.
October 28, 2014 Southward Apparel released a new picture of Jonna in a Cactus Tee on their Instagram page. The picture has been added to the Southward Apparel Fall Page.
October 27, 2014 Jonna is an animal lover and has spent a lot of her personal time helping animals. Recently she has become very vocal on her social media outlets to raise awareness for local animals that she has rescued from various shelters in the Southern California area. Like most people, awareness, spreading the word, donations and ultimately volunteer work is the key ingredients to successful activism. Jonna has now agreed to allow her activist activities to become part of this site. After all, this is a support site for her. Now it will cover acting, modeling and activism. Click the new Activism drop down menu to launch campaigns she has worked with. You may also click HERE to launch the current campaign.
October 27, 2014 Two older projects have been discovered. A modeling campaign for Joe's Jeans has been added to the Modeling Page. A 2007 commercial for Hershey Smore's featuring Brad Paisley from 2007 has been added to the Commercials Page. Unfortunately, no media of either campaign is available yet.
October 20, 2014

Today marks the four year anniversary of I thought it would be fun to look at its history so visit the Site Profile Picture Archive to see all the designs used. As a bonus, there is a link for a limited time to the final update before it officially became

This site started out as a test for a new web development template I was working with. I randomly tweeted with this girl who guessed starred on No Ordinary Family. This was one of the first shows to encourage their cast to live tweet with fans in order to build a following. Definitely a marketing strategy but it allows fans to interact with their favorite actors. I did not know who Jonna was at this time. I also couldn't find out much about her. Thus, a support page was born.

In the early days she really helped to provide content. The first big story posted was her appearance in the Lee DeWyze Sweet Serendipity video. I remember the day the video was to premiere, we tweeted a lot; anxiously waiting for the video to post. Our friendship really started that day. That is why the video is still and always be on the home page of this page. The site to me now is an online database of her work. Its a way to show the Hollywood powers that be, that she deserves to be in their projects.

I never expected the site to get as big as it has. I never expected to interact with such amazing fans of Jonna (and Lee) as I have. I certainly never expected a friendship in the truest sense of the word to form with Jonna. So to Jonna, my dear friend, congratulations on all your career success and all of your personal accomplishments. You deserve the very best. Thank you for allowing me into your world to support your career and most importantly for being your friend. As long as you need this site, I promise you it will go on. Happy Anniversary Friend! Here's to a great 5th year!

October 19, 2014 EXCLUSIVE To This Site - An official release photo for the NOH8 Campaign has been released. You can view it on the NOH8 Page. As it is used in advertisement or on the official site, it will be updated here as well. There is now a Lee and Jonna pic as well.
October 19, 2014 The Southward Apparel Campaign continues to appear in cross promotions with other retailers. A new page Southward Apparel Retailers has been created to highlight Jonna's image being used for these other companies. Some of these companies are Country Outfitter, Brand Love, Evolve Store, Lakshmi Love, Scoop Charlotte, U Can Drive It, Koho Jade and KB Kasuals to name a few. As more cross promotion partners are discovered, they will also be added.
October 07, 2014

Two new campaigns as well as pictures from the Keds Bravehearts campaign have been updated on the Jonna's Projects featured on Facebook The first is a sponsored add for Country Outfitter which is a tie in to her Southward Apparel add. The second is from the Brazilian Portal Making of Magazine which is cross promoting her Pantene add.

A new Country Outfitters page has been created. It is linked from the Modeling Page and features three web based images of Jonna. It is a crossover promotion from her 2013 Southward Apparel shoot. As a result, three new pictures are also now available on the Southward Apparel page. Southward Apparel is also featured on the Zulily website. A new Zulily page has been created showcasing Jonna's pics. Also on the Southward Apparel page is images of Jonna that appeared on Pinterest in support of the Southward Apparel Campaign.

New images featured on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have been added to Pantene page in support of that ongoing promtion. As well as a screen capture from BuzzFeed where Jonna's commercial was featured on June 18, 2014.

Jonna is also featured on the Cowgirl Magazine website. This is another crossover promtion with Southward Apparel. The Cowgirl Magazine page was updated with a screen capture of the promotion.

A review appearing on LALASCOOP of the iiJin fashion show has been screen captured and added to the new iiJin Fashion Show page. There is also a few screen captures and red carpet pictures from the event. The iiJin page, has the lookbook, behind the scenes pictures and Facebook pictures from the last update.

Updated 28 new pics from an old modeling campaign for Sosie Apparel

As always if you missed any updates, visit the news archive and catch up

October 02, 2014 Jonna is currently being featured on many Company Facebook pages. On the Verizon Wireless Facebook Page she is featured in their banner picture. I also included the same picture without the Facebook template covering it. Added photos from Southward Apparel's Facebook page in which Jonna was shown in multiple posts. Added a photo from Pantene's Facebook page in which Jonna was featured in. A photo of Jonna was used on the Cowgirl Magazine Facebook page as a tie in with Southward Apparel. Jonna is also featured on Project Mermaids Facebook page from a post in January (Its also one of my favorite pictures of her ever). You can view all these pictures from the newly created Jonna's Projects featured on Facebook page or follow the link from the Modeling Page.
October 02, 2014 Last year Jonna did a photo shoot for iiJin Shoes. Recently that campaign has been used as store art work in the design of new locations. It also led to a cross promotion where a picture of Jonna was featured in the Hong Kong edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine. A new CosmoHK page was created to view the picture. In addition the S/S14 Lookbook is also now available. You can see all the iiJin photos from the iiJin page. As always, all of Jonna's modeling work can found on the modeling page.
September 24, 2014 A bunch of new pictures from Jonna's Southward Apparel Fall 2014 shoot have been released. They can be viewed on the Southward Apparel Fall Page or linked from the Modeling Page. In addition, a picture of Jonna is currently being used as Southward Apparel's banner picture on their Facebook page.
September 24, 2014 The Twitter/Instagram picture archive has been updated with pictures from August and September
September 12, 2014 Jonna's Olay commercial premiered on August 11, 2014. It currently has been receiving a lot of air time on the TLC Network. There is now a 16 second spot available from Olay's official YouTube page. Hopefully a longer version that features Jonna better will surface soon. In this version, Jonna is in the background in the opening shot. She also can be seen in the final shot walking into the frame from the left hand side. You can view the commercial from the Commercials Page. New to the page is a redesigned banner and now features screen captures from the commercials (This will be a work in progress.) As always refresh your cache if videos are not loading properly.
September 12, 2014 Catch Jonna on TV twice in the upcoming weeks as she can be seen in Couples Retreat & Drake and Josh. Check the TV Grid below for details on times and channels.
September 04, 2014 Two new pics from the Verizon have surfaced. The first is another 'Summer of More' advertisement. The second picture is actually being used as Verizon's Banner picture on their twitter page. The pictures are linked from the modeling page.
September 01, 2014 Four more pictures from Jonna's 2013 Southward Apparel shoot have been released via Southward Apparel's Instagram. View the Southward Apparel page or connect through the modeling page.
September 01, 2014 Jonna herself came across a photo from her Verizon shoot two years ago. The picture is linked from the modeling page.
August 20, 2014 A lot of new media has been posted from Jonna's Pantene commercial "Sorry, Not Sorry". Currently Jonna is featured on Pantene's homepage of their website. From the modeling page, you can view the Pantene section of this site which features Jonna's commercial, screen captures from the commercial. A screen capture of Pantene's web site and a screen capture from Pantene's Instagram account in which Jonna was featured. Pantene has obviously used this picture of Jonna a lot while promoting the campaign. This is an amazing compliment to her considering all the actors and models that appeared in the commercial.
August 20, 2014 View the Southward Apparel Fall page, to see the two new photos that have been released. A tie in campaign with Southward Apparel was also discovered. One of Jonna's pictures was featured in Cowgirl Magazine. A special page was created on the modeling page in order to view the Cowgirl Magazine ad.
August 20, 2014 Jonna's 'Thinking Mermaid' picture (also featured on the bottom picture bar on this page) is featured on Project Mermaids homepage. It is picture 101/119. It is available for purchase with proceeds going the Save Our Beach Campaign.
August 20, 2014 Reformatted the Modeling Page. It now has a banner and list Jonna's modeling projects. In addition, by clicking on the camera icon, you can view pictures or captures from for projects. Finally, the thumbnail pictures have been removed from the bottom of the page since it was repetitive within the individual modeling pages.
August 20, 2014 The picture archive has been updated
August 15, 2014 Jonna did a photo shoot today for the NOH8 Campaign with Lee DeWyze. You can view the preview photo from the modeling page.
August 13, 2014 Southward Apparel Has released the lookbook to theirFall campaign. They also posted a collage on their Instagram account of new pics. All pictures can now be viewed on the Southward Apparel Fall page. Check back often as I'm sure, they will release more pictures in the upcoming weeks.
August 3, 2014 The Southward Apparel Instagram Account posted a new sneak peak to the Fall campaign. Jonna also posted a sneak peek from the photo shoot on August 1, 2014 on her Instagram. Both are available on the Southward Apparel Fall Campaign page.
July 15, 2014 Jonna will be shooting with Southward Apparel again on August 1st. The fall catalog which Jonna also shot should launch in late August. Hopefully she will get a couple sneak peek photos for us like she did last time.
July 15, 2014 Many new photos from the Keds Bravehearts Campaign have been posted to the modeling page. These aren't new photos, just ones that have not been posted on this site yet. Mostly sneaker pics with a few others thrown in.
July 15, 2014 The Southward Apparel Instagram Account posted new pictures this week. A new sneak peak to the Fall campaign. The also posted a collage featuring Jonna for their summer campaign being back in stock. All pictures from the campaigns can also be viewed from the modeling page.
July 15, 2014 The picture archive has been updated with photos from Jonna's trip to Chicago for the 4th of July. The news archive has been updated
July 15, 2014 Jonna will be on TV a lot in the next couple weeks. Look at the TV Grid below for shows, dates and times.
July 03, 2014 The Keds Bravehearts Campaign posted three more photos from the official site. Check them out through the link above or directly from the modeling page.
July 03, 2014 All you Netflix subscribers out there, Jonna's film Bones is currently available for live streaming. Go watch it again for the first time.
July 03, 2014 Jonna recently tweeted about a cause that is near and dear to her. Help stop Kendall Jones from hunting in Africa. We don't get very social conscious on this site, but Jonna authorized us putting up this link in case you wanted to read more about it and/or sign the petition.
July 03, 2014 The picture archive and news archive has been updated
June 24, 2014 Jonna's Pantene Commercial has been released. Its Called "Not Sorry: Shine Strong" It can be viewed from the commericals page or from the link below for a limited time. Keep an eye out for it on television.
June 24, 2014 The Keds Bravehearts Campaign posted three new pictures on their Instagram account this week.
June 24, 2014 The Southward Apparel Instagram Account posted three new pictures this week as sneak peaks to the Fall campaign.
June 24, 2014 TV grid update. Episodes of Drake and Josh as well as CSI:NY airing soon.
June 04, 2014 A format change on the modeling page. An error has been discovered and now has a correction. There have been many specialty pages created to Jonna's modeling projects. After the initial post has fallen off this home page news ticker, the link was only available by searching the archive. This has been corrected so that you can now view these pages directly linked from the modeling page. Go check it out. There is a new Reebok pic on the site from Jonna's 2013 print campaign.
June 04, 2014 TV grid updated. Jonna will be on TV again this week.
May 21, 2014 New picture provided by Jessie of Jonna in the ongoing Keds Brave Hearts campaign. The pic was an add in the May 2014 edition of Teen Vogue. See the pic on the Brave Hearts page on this site.
May 13, 2014 Nine (9) new photos have been added to the Southward Apparel page. Including a sneak peak of a few summer exclusives which Southward Apparel posted on their Instagram.
May 6, 2014 Jonna's Commercial for Axe entitled X-Men: The Candidates is now available to view in the commercials page of this site. As always, clear your cache if the video does not load properly. Also, thanks to everyone who RT, emailed and shared yesterday's update. It drove a lot of traffic to the site. More support of this site, directly supports Jonna's career and gives her more recognition. I know how truly grateful she is for all the support. (Trust me, we talk about it often).
May 5, 2014 Huge news and we can now finally share. In March Jonna filmed a commercial for Axe body spray. It is a tie in ad for the Marvel film, X-Men Days of Future Past in theatres May 23. In it Jonna portrays a superhero. The first reported airing of the commercial was today. Be on the look out for it and if you manage to record it, please contact us. Also check in with Axe's Youtube channel to see if it appears there in the next few days.
May 4, 2014 Jonna booked a Pantine Campaign today. It is a print and commercial campaign. The commercial will be available on the Internet only. She will be filming it this week. The modeling page has been updated with this job. As more info becomes available, it will be posted here.
May 4, 2014 Updated the picture archive
April 28, 2014 Screen Captures and a Video Clip of Jonna from her guest starring role on HBOs Sillicon Valley is now available on the Media Page. To access the pictures from the page, click on the camera icon. Should you have any issues with the video not loading correctly, clear your cache.
April 25, 2014 Jonna is filming her Olay Skin Care Campaign today (Friday). Hopefully we will get a sneak peek pic. When more information is available, it will be posted here.
April 19, 2014 First picture from the Southward Apparel Fall 2014 shoot was posted by Southward Apparel on their Instagram site. A new Fall Southward Apparel page has been created. The photo shoot has also been updated on the modeling page as well.
April 19, 2014 Jonna booked another Southward Apparel gig. She is shooting it today (Saturday) so wishe her the best.
April 19, 2014 Jonna booked an Olay campaign. When more information is released, it will be posted here.
April 19, 2014 Update: The Verizon campaign she shot in 2013 has now turned into a National Campaign dubbed in Spanish. When more info is available, it will be posted here.
April 19, 2014 Update: Jonna's episode of the HBO series Silicon Valley is scheduled to premiere on April 27, 2014. It is episode 104 "Fiduciary Duties" Her character name is Brooke. For updates check the IMDB page
April 19, 2014 Two new pictures have been uploaded to the Keds Bravehearts Campaign. This is in support of the ongoing Bravehearts campaign. It can be viewed on the KedsCampaign page.
April 19, 2014 Update the television grid. Couples Retreat coming to TV on April 28. Also links for some films on Amazon Instant have been added.
April 19, 2014 Jonna added a picture of the "Doll Family DeWyze" to her twitter. You can see it in the picture archive
March 17, 2014 Jonna is in a new music video (well sort of). Lee DeWyze released is new stop motion, live action video for 'Fight'. Jonna and Lee are featured as sock puppets that have a very interesting date. You can view the video on the Music Videos page. (note: clear your cache if videos don't load accurately)
March 12, 2014 Update: HBO series Silicon Valley is scheduled to premiere on April 6, 2014. Jonna's episode will be the fourth. Episode 104 "Fiduciary Duties" Her character name is Brooke.
March 07, 2014 Updated the picture archive wish pictures from Jonna's birthday trip to Disneyland.
March 06, 2014 On March 06, 2014, Jonna teammed up with Project Mermaids for the third time. This time a shoot at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. Joining her is her friend Kristi. A few pics have surfaced and they can be viewed on the Project Mermaids Page of this site.
March 04, 2014 Wishing Jonna a very Happy Birthday. Best wishe, continued health, happiness and success. Enjoy your special day.
February 26, 2014 Southward Apparel is about to launch the Strawberry Fields Collection. Jonna is prominetly featured in this line. The Southward Apparel page has been updated with over thirty (30) new pictures of Jonna from the campaign
February 26, 2014 Keds has released a new picture of Jonna on their Instagram page. This is in support of the ongoing Bravehearts campaign. It can be viewed on the KedsCampaign page.
February 26, 2014 The picture archieve has been updated.
February 26, 2014 The television grid has been updated with a March 5, 2014 airing of Couples Retreat.
February 18, 2014 The Taylor Swift/Keds Campaign (Braveheart Girls) campaign is everywhere. Seriously. Check out Style MTV, Radio.Com, NY Times and eonline to name a few. This campaign is getting Jonna a lot of exposure.
February 18, 2014 Update: HBO series Silicon Valley is scheduled to premiere on April 6, 2014. When more information on Jonna's episode becomes available, it will be posted here.
February 11, 2014 More images from the Brave Hearts Campaign have been released the Keds Facebook and Tumblr sites. You can see them on the Keds page. Also the Keds campaign is featured in this months Teen Vouge Magazine. No new pictures.
February 06, 2014 Another photo has been released of Jonna modeling the upcoming Southward Apparel line. According to their Instagram page, the collection hits stores in March 2014. Since multiple photos have now been released, a special page was created to showcase them all. It can be accessed through the modeling page or click HERE for the direct link.
February 05, 2014 The Taylor Swift/Keds Campaign (Braveheart Girls) campaign is underway. On the official site there are pics and videos. They along with other print / media ads are being featured on its own page on this site. It can also be accessed through the modeling page.
February 05, 2014 is showcasing Southward Apparel and their Instagram pics. On the main page is the leaked pic of Jonna from the upcoming catalog do out this month
January 28, 2014 That didn't take long, and it was Jonna herself that found the first Keds pic out there. Check out the modeling page to see the pic or her twitter
January 28, 2014 A big project for the site is being developed. Hopefully next month we can reveal the newest section. In the meantime, thank you all for your continued support of the site. It wouldn't be here without you.
January 28, 2014 The Taylor Swift/Keds Campaign (Braveheart Girls) print campaign is due out any day now. Keep your eyes open for magazines, billboards, bus terminal posters, etc. Take pics and send them in if you see any.
January 28, 2014 Two more Music Videos from 2007 have been found and added to the Music Videos page. The first is from Queens of The Stone Age entitled "3s & 7s". The second is a very beautiful video from Ross Cooperman entitled "Found You". In "Found You" Jonna's image was painted onto a plane.
January 28, 2014 Update: Jonna shot a guest role for the upcoming HBO series Silicon Valley in November 2013. According to the shows official page, the eight episode series will air in April 2014. Her character name is Brokke. Later today, we should know what episode she will appear in. When more information on Jonna's episode becomes available, it will be posted here.
January 28, 2014 The 2014 Picture archive was updated with Disney Shoe pics and the Television Grid has been updated with two new airings in February.
January 23, 2014 Jonna posted a TBT (Throw back Thursday) pic from her music video appearance in the Its Hello Goodbye video for "Baby it's fact" See the pic in the 2014 picture archive and check out the video on the Music Videos page.
January 23, 2014 A new pic from the upcoming Southward Apparel catalog has surfaced. It can be seen in the 2014 Picture Archive. The catalog now has a February 2014 release.
January 10, 2014 Jonna again was involved in a passion project for Project Mermaids. They are photographers creating a photo book with all the proceeds being donated to Please visit them on Instagram and their official site. If you are able, you can donate to Project Mermaids and help finance their book and/or donate to Save Our Beach. Photos from Jonna's photo shoot can be seen on the modeling page This time she was joined by her husband Lee DeWyze on the shoot.
January 10, 2014 Jonna teased a picture from her Southward Apparel Campaign The catalog is do out this month. More info on the Modeling Page
January 9, 2014 On August 21, 2013 it was reported that Jonna booked the Brave Girls for the Keds / Taylor Swift Bravehearts Campaign. It will be an Internet and print campaign. Some of the advertising for 2014 is starting to surface as a picture of Jonna is feature on the web site.
January 9, 2014 It is Pilot Season! That is time of year when new shows are created, casted, produced and sold/picked up by networks. Its also the time of year when many auditions, castings and call backs are the norm in an actors life. Its a season where landing the right project good propel a career. This is a crazy time of year for everyone in the business. Last year at this time Jonna booked a guest appearance on the NBC Pilot "I Am Victor" The project wasn't picked up, This year we are wishing Jonna best wishes to land that next big role in her career.
January 9, 2014 Updated the 2014 Picture Archive (Note the 2014 Picture Archive and News Archive are now live)
January 9, 2014 Twitter is buzzing recently with reports of Jonna's McDonalds 'Laundromat Commercial' playing a lot in certain markets. If anyone has a copy of the full length English version, please contact us. We have the full length Spanish and teaser English version but would love to add the full English version to the site.
January 9, 2014 Hope everyone had amazing holidays spent with family, friends and loved ones. 2014 is upon us and that means we are entering our fourth year of bringing you the most up to date and exclusive news on the career of Jonna Walsh. Thank you all for your continued support.